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We get it. It's hard to keep up to date with your accounts and before you know it you're behind. That's where we come in. Upload up to 24 months of back-log and we'll catch you up as soon as possible.

Your tax filings are coming up and your you're worried that your backlog won't be sorted in time.

You're raising capital and need to have your books in order to show investors.

See how your business is doing so you can manage expenses, forecast spend, and make smarter decisions with your money every month. Don't let the back-log hold you up.

Get up to date financials now

How our bookkeeping service works



You sign up

You tell us about your business and then upload your bank statements



You relax

We do your bookkeeping. If we have any questions we'll get in touch with you



You get your financial reports

You receive a full set of intuitive reports and get clear picture of your finances

One day response time

You shouldn't have to chase your book-keeper for updates. Enough waiting around not knowing when you'll get your books. Your book-keeper should work for you, not the other way around.

Start now with 0% risk

Transparent pricing

All of our plans come with the same great service


HK$11,000 / month

For established businesses with monthly expenses up to HK$1m



HK$3,800 / month

For growing businesses with monthly expenses between HK$35k to HK$200k



$2,200 / month

For ambitious entrepreneurs with monthly expenses under HK$35k



Money back guarantee

Your first month is guaranteed to be a breeze or you get your money back, no questions asked. You'll get to keep your full set of statements too.

Start risk-free now

Why small businesses choose us


Fully digital

We do everything online. You don’t need to come into our offices and we don’t need to take up a desk at yours.


Real people

You get a dedicated book-keeper who you can contact any time and expect a response from within a day. Vokalia and Consonantia, there live the blind texts.

Behind on your accounts?

You can send us up to 24 months of back-logged bank statements and we'll perform catch-up book-keeping for you

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What do I get?


Fast responses

Message us and we'll respond within a day, always.

Catch up bookkeeping

Don't stress about your backlog, we've got you covered up to 24 months.

Effortless integrations

We handle bank statements from all major Hong Kong banks

Risk free

Money back guarantee on your first month if you're not happy for any reason, no exceptions or small print.

Scalable plans

No matter the size of your business we've got a plan for you and they all come with the same great support.

Cancel anytime

You're not locked into any length contract here, pay monthly on your credit card and cancel any time you like

Built for people like you

Entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who want to focus on running their business, not managing their accounts.

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You're in good company

Join 250,000 companies who call Hong Kong home

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What banks do you support?

We support all major banks in Hong Kong. You send us your bank statements and we'll do the rest.

Can you do our audit?

We can put you in touch with a wide network of CPAs we use regularly–they're used to working with us so it's a breeze

How are you different to other providers?

We're fully digital and still give you a dedicated book-keeper to work with.

How does catch-up book-keeping work?

You upload all the relevant months worth of bank statements and pay pro-rata

How are you different to Xero?

Xero and similar software give you the tools to do your own book-keeping. We do your book-keeping for you

How long does catch-up book-keeping take?

This depends on how many months and how complex your books are but typically it takes a month for every year of back-log